All translations are carried out by me personally to the best of my abilities.

As far as possible the original text should be delivered as a final version, otherwise additional costs may well arise from revisions or additions. Additional costs can also result from late night work, urgent commissions or proof reading by independent readers.

The fee for translations is based on norm lines and varies depending on the difficulty of the text. The current basic rate is 1.40 euros per line.

The fee for very long texts or books is based on norm pages. It helps to calculate and negotiate an inclusive fee.


The fee for interpreting will be discussed personally. Fees usually start at half a day. The fee also depends on the specific conditions, e.g. travel expenses, accommodation.

Preparatory talks and/or documentation are usually essential for high-quality interpreting.

Voice-over, narrator

Voice-over or narrative work is calculated at an hourly rate. In the case of larger projects an inclusive fee can be negotiated. The fee depends on the size of the task in hand.

'In house' projects

'In house' projects are calculated at an hourly rate. The current fee is 60 euros per hour. This can be used as a basis for negotiating an inclusive fee for larger projects.